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ACA SWIFTWATER RESCUE COURSE from Confluence River Instructors in Basalt, June 22 & 23 offering 15% discount for Roaring Fork Kayaking Club members.

This 2-day ACA Swiftwater Rescue course covers identification and avoidance of river hazards, self-rescue, and assisting distressed paddlers. It emphasizes personal safety and basic skills, with training in handling higher-risk scenarios such as strainers and entrapments. Participants practice both individual and team-based skills through scenarios. Skills assessment is included throughout the course. Assessment certificate available for American Canoe Association members (see for more information). The course is open to all whitewater enthusiasts.

Upon completion, this course includes an ACA Level 4 Swiftwater Rescue Certificate of Completion; accepted by most river outfitters, kayak schools, and outdoor programs.

Jared from Confluence River Instructors has generously offered a 15% discount to any Roaring Fork Kayaking Club members to take this course. If you have not had a swift water rescue course yet, you should definitely take one. To get the discount code, join the Roaring Fork Kayaking Club.

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